Introduction: Cardboard WALL-E

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Do you need a project or a way to recycle your stack of cardboard boxes? Yes?! Well, all you need is to follow this Instructable on how to make a cardboard WALL-E! Not only is this cute, but it also carries an important lesson on taking care of our planet.


  • Cardboard
  • Hot Glue
  • Exacto Knife
  • Scissors
  • Cutting mat (optional)

Step 1: Body

WALL-E consists of three main parts: the main body or cube, the wheels, and the head. Lets start with the body. First, cut out six squares and glue them into a cube. Then, using reference photos (easily found online) add details to the body. These details include the arms, the compactor and the front door.

Step 2: Wheels

Next, make the wheels. These wheels are what WALL-E uses to get around and consist of a tread and several gears. To make the tread, remove the outside layer on one side of corrugated cardboard. This results in a tread-like texture. The gears are replicated by cutting circles out of cardboard and the cardboard from the treads. Then, glue the wheels onto WALL-E.

Step 3: Head

Lastly, make WALL-E's head. Cut small pieces of cardboard to look like WALL-E's eyes and add details. Depending on what details you add, WALL-E can display different emotions, just like in the movie.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Glue the head to WALL-E with a piece of cardboard as the neck. Add cardboard pieces as wires and get creative. You can paint or draw on WALL-E.

Step 5: Display!

And you are done! Display your WALL-E in any style you like! I hope you enjoyed this Instructable and are motivated to make your own cardboard WALL-E!

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