Introduction: Cardboard and Duck Tape Sword

Hello people of the internet if you want a shiny wall mount for your room or a cool toy (caution very deadly to imaginary monsters) you have come to the right place. (also may need imaginary permit for having such an amazing sword but you can get this at the nearest parent). all you need is....

a supply of card board two or three small boxes

about 5 hot glue sticks

1 1/2 - 2 cheep rolls of duct tape so maybe 7 -8 $ if you don't have a glue gun add 5$ and a trip to any arts and crafts store.

those slice things that cut paper AKA scissors

Step 1: The Frame

the idea of this step is to make a stable frame. So we cut out the simple shapes as seen in picture above then hot glued them together pretty simple right... we made them it about 4 -5 pieces thick so make it as thick as you want it to be, its up to you now. you should glue them up then together after they dry wich is like 30 secont

Step 2: Re-in-force-ment

the english languge is hard even for a Native so sorry if i spell words wrong.

in this step i taped a strand all the way around 2 pieces and then the next 2 and so on you can make yours sloppier or completly semtricle if you make it sloppy i would take a long strip of the tape and tore it in half then wraped it around the edge of the whole sword.

Step 3: Double Rein-forcing

in this step i did some more reinforcing but mainly focused on the handle. Thats becuse, when i picked it up it was to heavy and put a lot of the weight on the handle. so more reinforceing yay...

Step 4: The Emerging of a Silver Supper Glitter Sword

i coated the sword in silver duct tape and diden't buy any more so i couden't make it any cooler. sorry but it is still awsome and shiny like that creepy crab in MOANA with this sword you can beat that monster in the closet. Make him run when he hears you and sees this sword glitter so go get him!!!!!!

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