Introduction: Cards Safe

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This is a cool safe to make that is pretty much free made out of a deck of cards. I had a deck of cards laying around that I used. Otherwise they sell two pack of cards at the dollar store for a buck. Theres a couple different ways to make this safe. Basically your going to cut out the inside of the cards leaving the outer frame. Most people but rubber bands around a deck of cards can do that with also or reinsert the deck back into the cards pack. This is great for hiding cash, memory cards, bullets, diamonds, keys any thing smaller. This only requires a few tools to make. There is a gluing step. I used loctite to glue the cards together.

can never have to many cards

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

deck of cards

cards case

rubber band


wax paper


something heavy

Step 2: Cutting the Deck

Once you have the deck the you want to use start cutting. I like the decks that have the white boarder around the coloring. This makes cutting easier because you have a line to cut on. There are other ways to this part but this is the way I decided. It does take a little bit of time and can make a small mess. I did not cut all the cards make sure to save a few to have sit on top to cover whats inside. Also you will need a card for on the bottom to keep the stuff from falling out that will get glued. So cut about 40-45 of the cards depending on how many you want to be sitting on top. I broke up the cutting part into a few steps. I started with poking a hole threw the card with a scissors at an angle pointed towards one of the corners. I went threw and did this first to all the cards. Then I cut each card four time from the center cut going to the white edge part of the card. Remember the scissors cuts a little longer then the tip of the scissors. Make sure not to cut the edge of the card. Once you have triangle shapes in the card you can easily cut along the white edge and cut out the inside of the card. You have to do this on each card four times. Cut carefully so you don't bend or rip your cards.

Step 3: Gluing

Take all the cards that you cut and straighten them out. Make sure all the faces are going the same way. I put cards that were cut better towards the top of the pile. The cards aren't going to be cut perfect but should be pretty straight making a square shape hollowed out. Now take a card you did not cut and use this for the bottom. Add a layer of glue around the edge of the card on the white rim. Place your pile of card you cut on this card so that they are centered evenly. Now take your glue again and apply it to the inside edge of all the cards you cut. Make sure to get all sides of the inside of the deck. Use a brush or the tip of the glue bottle to spread the glue out along the cards. Make sure it is spread out evenly. Make sure to set the deck of card on a piece of wax paper so that the cards don't stick to your surface. Also you want another piece of wax paper to place in between your deck and what ever you use for weighing it down. Align all the cards so theres in deck form add your wax paper and weight. Let sit for a couple seconds then take off weight and wax paper. This will flatten all the cards and push access glue out. Wipe away access glue and reput the wax paper and weight on and let sit. Wait for glue to dry.

Step 4: Hiding

Once your glue has dried your pretty much finished. You can clean up some of the glue with a razor blade. The first time not all the cards might not be glued. If theres any cards that aren't glued add glue and re add weight and let dry again. Other than that you should have a few cards left over you didn't cut and put these on top of the cut out cards. Add whatever you want to hid. Then secure with a rubberband or card deck case as you would with a normal deck.