Introduction: Carduino Made With Arduino


A self-driving car which will stop when you catch up to it and press the red button. The red lights will start burning and then when you are ready to go again you press the three blue buttons which will tell it to go forward again.


Supplies needed:

- 2 DC motor 3/6 V (more V = more power and I would recommend more power).

- 1 6V battery pack (if you buy more powerful motors make sure that your batteries can keep up with the motors, 20V motors? 20V battery pack).

- 2 TIP transistors (60 V).

- 2 Diodes.

- 8 ~270 Ohm resistors.

- 3 blue pushbuttons.

- 1 red pushbutton.

- 1 Arduino UNO.

- 1 Powerbank for powering your UNO.

- 1 Wooden box for the car, gears, wheels (I used lego) and a fancy paint job.

Step 1: Step 1: Code and Bread Board

First, you want to get the code working.

I provided a file with my code in it, it works with the setup you find on the breadboard.

If you can't get it to work I recommend that you try it with 1 button and 1 motor first. Push the button and turn the motor on, push the button again and turn the motor off.

I provided drawings of how the circuits should look.

Step 2: Step 2: Soldering!

This is where it gets fun and you will have to double-check everything.

The two pictures provided show how I did it. The left one is for the pushbuttons and the right one is for the motors.

The video shows that is works with the buttons

Step 3: Step 3: Putting It All Together

In this step, you are going to put it all inside your car. I recommend making the car first but measure everything that is going inside it so you know it will fit.

useful tips:

- Make sure your motors are going the right way, you are going to use gears in your car so that the dc motors won't have to carry the car.

- Make sure that your gears don't touch the bottom of the car.

- Mark your motors with an arrow for the direction they are going in.

Good luck!