Introduction: Carpenters Mallet

Make a carpenters mallet to knock wooden pieces together and drive dowels or chisels.

Step 1: Handle

Cut a piece of stock for the handle.

Step 2: Bevel

Cut the handle so that one end is 1.5" wide and the other is 1" wide. Tack a 0.25" piece of scrap to the side of the handle to make the first angle cut. Place a 0.5" piece of scrap to the side to make the second angle cut.

Step 3: Head

Cut pieces for the head of the mallet.

Step 4: Glue

Glue the head pieces together, clamp and remove the handle.

Step 5: Router

Round the corners of the handle with a router.

Step 6: Head Angle

Cut the head at a slight angle to match that of the handle.

Step 7: Sand

Give all the parts a light sanding.

Step 8: Finish

Apply a few coats of Danish oil.

Step 9: Complete