Introduction: Carriage Lamp Restoration

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Hi guys, I'm proud and happy to show you my new instructable.

My girlfriend offered me an old carriage lamp.

It looks very nice but it’s drab and a little rusty.

I decided to restore it, to fit a light bulb in it and to use it as decoration.

Step 1: Supplies

To strip the lamp:

  • 000 Steel wool,
  • brass cleaner/polisher like Miror,
  • rag

To set the light bulb:

  • Light bulb
  • wires,
  • plugs,
  • switches
  • socket

All of the supplies can be bought in your favorite DIY store/in the DIY store of your choice

Step 2: Lamp Stripping

Warning! Copper or brass oxides are toxic! Don’t breath the oxide dust and don’t forget to wash your hands after work..

To strip the lantern, drop off some Miror onto the steel wool and rub the lamp with it.

This step is rather easy but it may be long if the brass is really rusty, so be patient.

Once you’re finished with scrubbing the brass, clean it and polish it with the rag.

Step 3: Set the Light Bulb

Assemble the different electrical parts.

Step 4: Completion

I have decided to drill a hole on my bedside table with a driller and a jigsaw and then mount the lantern on it. And that’s how it’s done!

My English isn’t perfect but I'm doing my best ;)

Thank you very much for reading, I hope I gave you some ideas!

If you liked this intructable and if you have any question or tips please leave a comment and don’t forget to vote for it :P !

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