Introduction: Ammo Box Speakers Enclosures

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Hi guys,

I wanted to build speakers cabinet for my girlfriend. I like the design of this speaker so I tried to make something similar. I decided to use cal 50 amo boxes because they are cheap, waterproof and have good volume to build cabinet.

Step 1: Supplies

In order to do this, I used the folowing suff :

  • 2 cal 50 ammo box, you can find it on Amazon or in a local Army Surplus store.
  • 2 JVC speakers reclaimed from old cabinet
  • 2 Blaupunkt speaker reclaimed from a car audio
  • you can find this kind of speakers everywhere on internet
  • Acoustic foam, you can find it on Amazon or in a local DIY store
  • Terminal speaker block, you can find it on Amazon
  • Linen fabric, you can find i on Aliexpress
  • Glue Neopren contact, you can find in a local DIY store
  • Surgu
  • Steel tube
  • Wire, screws

The tools I used :

  • Drill,
  • Drill + hole saw
  • Jigsaw
  • screwdriver
  • soldering iron
  • clamp

Step 2: Box Drilling

First of all, I drew boxes on autocad in order to identify some drilling to be realized.

I did a boxe's diagram because it allowed me to check the bulk represented by the speakers. Then I did 4 different holes of diameters for each box :

  • 2 for speakers (which depend on the diameter of speakers used)
  • 1 for the terminal speaker block
  • 1 for the steel tube used for the bass reflex system

In order to make these holes,I used a jigsaw for the biggest speakers holes and drill + hole saw for the others holes.

I don't have a lot of pictures for this step sorry ...

Step 3: Speakers Mounting

To mount big speakers, I did wood struts on which I stuck 3 coats of double-sided.

I used theses struts to mount speaker inside the box. I added screws for sturdiness.

To mount smaller speakers, I only stuck 1 or 2 coats.

Step 4:

Afterwards I stuck pieces of acoustic foam on all sides inside the box except those were fixed on the speakers.

Step 5: Bass Reflex Tube and Terminal Mounting

To mount the bass reflex tube and terminal I used Sugru and clamps.

I took advantage of this step to solder acoustic wire on speaker.

Step 6:

The speakers are now finished and functional, there's only a little of decoration to be made.

Step 7: Linen Fabric

I glued linen fabric with neoprene spray

Step 8: Final Result

Thank you very much for reading, my English is not perfect but I'm doing my best ;)

I hope I gave you some ideas ! If you like this intructable and have any suggestions, questions or tips please let me know and vote for it !

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