Introduction: Industrial Bed End Table

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Hi guys !

I saved a stainless steel heat exchanger part where I'm working. This stainless piece is embossed to increase thermal transfer. The shapes are visually appealing even if they should not be.

I wanted to make a useful item with it.

I've decided to make this table in order to put my computer on the edge of my bed. The table must be adapted to the heat exchanger plate. The space on the edge of my bed was small that's the reason why I adapted the table legs.

Step 1: Supplies

The most difficult part is to find the exchanger slab. I'm working in a thermal and renewable energy company
where I find this slab out order.

You can find it in industry or big heating installation.

For the table legs, I used a trestle bought on a DIY store.

The exchanger plate is thin and must be set up on a wooden board to prevent bending. So, I included a plywood board under it.

For the tools I used : Jigsaw, drill, screws drivers and clamp.

Step 2: Assembly

The assembly is very easy and fast to do.

Firstly, I cut rounded edges in the plywood board with a jigsaw, then I screw the board to the trestle top.

Before to mount the plate, I drilled 4 holes in the stainless steel.

And it's over !

Step 3: Final Result

I like the industrial look given by the plate.

The embossed surface allows air to pass to the venting under the laptop.

Improvement : also added a piece of leather under the table in order to hold my FA2B.

OK.. I'm not a leather worker hahaha but it's very usefull !

It's such a great time to watch movies and TV series.

Thank you very much for reading, my English is not perfect but I'm doing my best ;)

I hope I gave you some ideas !

If you like this intructable and have any suggestions, questions or tips please let me know and vote for it !

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