Introduction: Cartoon Grandma Project #HMS2020

Intro: This project will show how to draw a nice cartoon grandma to perfect your OK BOOMER poster or a birthday card for your grandma's birthday. To draw this you must have a pencil, blank paper.


Pencil /Pen


Coloring utensils

Eraser maybe

Step 1: Head and Eyes

First, draw a large circle or oval for the head of your grandma. Then draw your eyes, draw one circle with small semi-circles inside of it and then color in the rest of the area. For the eyelashes draw three small lines that look like parentheses. For eyebrows, you can just draw a straight line above both the eyes. Then darken the lines.

Step 2: Other Head Features

Next, draw the nose for the nose create a small oval. For a mouth just make a sideways parenthesis or a smile. For ears draw C connected to the head on each side. Inside the C draw a tiny S for the deata Then Darken the lines with like a pen or black sharpie.

Step 3: Draw Hair

Draw for hair draw two semi-circle connected at the middle of her forehead. Then draw a bun on top her head. Then draw a thick hair tie for the bun. Then darken the lines.

Step 4: Draw Body

Draw two thin and long rectangles and leave space between them. In the space between draw a square that is not as long as the rectangles but its width should fill the whole gap. Under the square draw short and wide rectangle only wide enough to reach the edge of the long skinny rectangle. Then draw stubby arms, hands, and shoes. Then darken the lines.

Step 5: Finishing Touches *optional

You can other details to your drawing like a walking stick that your grandma is holding or wrinkles in her skin to make her look older or add glasses or color the drawing in or create background around your grandma.

Step 6: Conculsion

I have fun making drawings like these but what went wrong when I was making this drawing I drew the eyebrows to high up so they were inside her hair and I had trouble deciding where to place the eyes and the mouth.