Introduction: Carved Wood Bottle Opener

Happy New Year! Welcome 2019!

We needed some quick and easy Christmas gifts this year. We always have a lot of leftover project materials either from the fun projects or household chore projects, like fixing up the kitchen. This time we had a bit of leftover butcher block counter top from Tim and Molly's kitchen remodel. We also found these bottle openers from our local woodworking store and thought - hey great gift for some co-workers and Abracadabra - Carved Wood Bottle Openers!

Step 1: Supplies

Metal bottle opener part - we got ours from our local crafty wood working shop.


scrap wood - we used leftover butcher block scrap from an install of counter tops, anything would really work.

fostner bits

belt sander and sandpaper


string, leather, or rope for the handle (optional)

finishing lacquer - we used a tung oil on the butcher block. Use what fits the type of wood you are using.

Step 2: Draw and Cut Out Your Desgin

We went for a more simple design with a rounded base and a handle to match. When drawing out your design keep in mind that the metal bottle opener has to fit and you have to be able to grab hold to actually use the bottle opener. Once happy with the design carefully cut out using a jigsaw.

Step 3: Sanding and Sanding and Sanding....

We then used the belt sander to round out all the edges and make a nice grip for a handle. This just takes time and makes a big mess!

Step 4: Cut Holes

You'll probably need two or three fostner bits for this. Depending on the size of your bottle opener, get one fostner bit to match that size. Use that to drill the main hole for your bottle opener. DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY DOWN! As you can see in the first picture, just cut deep enough that the bottle opener fits flush against the wood handle. Then get a bit that's about 2 sizes smaller (you need just enough room to attach the bottle opener to the handle.) and cut inside the previous hole. Depending on the size you made your handle, cut a hole in the center of the end to use to tie rope or leather to hang your bottle opener up.

Step 5: Lacquer, Attach Bottle Opener

Wipe away the dust from drilling holes, and use a cloth to lacquer your bottle opener. We used tung oil on ours. Use what works best with the type of wood you are using. Once dry, add your bottle opener attachment. If you choose, then you can add rope or leather to hang it. Test out your new bottle opener and enjoy!