Carving a Pumpkin




Introduction: Carving a Pumpkin

These instructions will help you to carve your own pumpkin for the Halloween season.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

Begin with 3 trash bags, 1 pumpkin, 1 small candle, 1 large knife, 1 small knife, 1 large spoon, a permanent marker, 1 piece of paper and 1 pencil

Step 2: Preparing to Start

Lay out 2 trash bags and place pumpkin in the center leaving one for discarded material

Step 3: Creating the Lid Pt. 1

Draw a circle approximately 3 inches from the stem with the permanent marker

Step 4: Creating the Lid Pt. 2

With the large knife cut along the marker line, making sure to cut through the pumpkin shell

Step 5: Creating the Lid Pt. 3

Remove the cut portion and use the spoon to scrape the seeds and fibers from the piece, this will serve as your lid

Step 6: Removing the Insides

Using the spoon remove the seeds and fibers from inside the pumpkin placing them into the trash bag, continue this until the inside is cleared of debris

Step 7: Creating the Design

Using the pencil draw the carving design that you will cut into the pumpkin, you will be carving this design so keep your abilities in mind when you draw your design

Step 8: Putting the Design on the Pumpkin

Use pencil to draw design onto the pumpkin in a spot of your choosing, when the design is to your liking trace with marker to increase visibility

Step 9: Carving the Design

With the small knife carefully cut along the design edges, making sure to start and stop with the lines

Step 10: Punch Out the Pieces

·Punch out the cut pieces and add them to the trash bag with the seeds and fibers from before

Step 11: Placing the Candle

Place the small candle inside the pumpkin making sure there is access to light the candle

Step 12: Completing the Pumpkin

Place the lid you created back on top flush with the cut

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    4 years ago

    some tips for the lid:

    1) when you cut the circular opening for the top if you put a small square notch (I always put my notch to the outside of the circle but if you want it in towards the stem it will work the same way) so that you can easily index the lid and get it properly lined up each time.

    2) when you cut the lid angle the knife in toward the stem slightly so that as the pumpkin flesh slowly dehydrates from exposure to air the lid will not slip down into the interior of the pumpkin because of the taper.

    general carving tip:

    if you coat the exposed flesh of the pumpkin with a thin coat of Vaseline it will dry out much slower and last longer

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great tutorial. You should enter this into the Halloween contest.