Introduction: Cast FM Radio LONG RANGE With Rashpberry Pi ONLY!!

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I everyone, yes I'm back to "teach", pasts a lot of time since the last instructable that I write but I was learning more for "teach" you more.So Let's start.

Many of you shold are thincking about mudules and other components that we need...No away, we just need a RPi and piece of wire, and internet conection.


  1. Rashpberry Pi 1,2,3,4 /A, B, 0/
  2. Internet conection.
  3. A jumper wire or more

Step 1: Prebaring RPi

Conect your Rashpberry to a monitor or TV throgh the HDMI cable.

Conect a USB mouse.

Conect a USB keyboard.

Turn on the television and set the corret HDMI input.

conect to Rashpberry an 2A power suply with 5VDC to micro USB socket.

Your pi shord show you a lots of coulors.

NOTE:Yo may need to install the OS befoure this steps you can see how here.

Step 2: Install PiFmAdv.

The PiFmAdv is a library created by "miegl" and let you cast FM radio from your Pi .

Open a terminal window and type (or copy-paste):

sudo apt-get install libsndfile1-dev

When finished type this, line per line:

git clone
cd PiFmAdv/srcmake cleanmake

When finished you can run the code with:

sudo ./pi_fm_adv

But you will not here anything, jus a clear signal on 87.6MHz beacause it is not playing anything.

Step 3: Use the PiFmAdv.

Press Ctrl+c to stop. And Enter:

sudo ./pi_fm_adv --audio sound.wav

Now you hear a voice on the radio!!

You can download a music from internet in .wav format move it into the PiFmAdv directory, and play it with:

sudo ./pi_fm_adv --audio yourMusic.wav

Step 4: More Usage.

For more functions you type:

sudo ./pi_fm_adv

followed by the functions that you want to use.

You can find it on GitHub page of "miegl"

Step 5: Attention!

Attention!Don't cast your signals over other signals of radiophony stations this action is punished by Law.

Another ATENTION!!Cast signals without a autorisation may be forbiden by your local law, so be carefull with what you do.


Step 6: Extra!!Extra!!

If in your radio you get sound but it looks to be too slow you can correct this by runing:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

and then scroll to the end and add:




and then save and reboot

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