Introduction: Caster Mounting Example of Water Pipe Furniture

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This is a caster mounting example of water pipe furniture.

There are times when i trouble when making PVC pipe furniture.

That means that installing casters is tough.

Here is an example of installing a caster using a 3D printer.

Step 1: Procurement of Parts

Let's purchase at the home center.

  1. M6 Caster
  2. M6 Insert Nut
  3. M6 32mm Washer

Step 2: 3D Printing of Inner Parts

Here is the print data.

To increase the strength, make the infill 100%.

Step 3: Assembly

I assemble it like a picture.

  1. Pounding the insert nut into the inner part.
  2. Adhere to PVC pipe with epoxy bond.
  3. Pinch the washer and attach the caster.

Step 4: One Year Passed Since Creation

Before....It became white and beautiful furniture.

After....I made 2 pieces but it has overflowed with things.

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