Introduction: Cat Castle

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Build a two story cardboard box castle/hut for your cat! Everyone knows you don't need to buy them toys because they will play with just about anything! This thing doubles up as a play area and a place where your cat can sleep. As a bonus your cat will like being up high. I set myself a challenge for this project to use the least amount of sticky tape as possible.

Step 1: Materials and Stuff

Craft knife
Sticky tape (Not much was actually needed)
Cardboard boxes (Same size helps)

You don't really need all of these items as it's not going to blow up if you make it a different way. You might as well experiment a bit!

Step 2: Start Planning and Cutting

One box is used for the first story, one for the second story and the third is for supports and add-ons.

So, grab the first box and start out with cutting a hole in the side where your cat can enter it by just walking in. You can leave a flap for a door or just cut it right out. Fold the bottom flaps of the box and cut the top flaps off as seen in the photo.

Start cutting out some rafters to support the second story. Mine went from one side of the box to the other and protruded further by about an inch or so. Make sure the rafters areat least a few inches thick to support the weight of the cat sitting above them on the next story. The rafters are linked together so that they support eachother and share the weight. To link them like this in the photo, you will need to make a cut half way into each rafter so that you can slide them together. Make sure to measure the cuts so that you don't bend the rafter too much - keep them nice and straight.

Just study the photo to get the idea...

Step 3: Stair Case!

Apart from just jumping up, how will the cat get up to the second level?! This part is fairly optional but is good if you decide to make the top story a sealed off sleeping area.

I cut out two triangles of the same shape and size with a right angle so the stair case can sit against the box wall. These two triangles are each side of the stair case. Seven or eight stairs will get your cat up there but that depends on the size of the boxes.

You need a bit of patience with making the stairs as it can drag on a bit. They came out surprisingly sturdy though so give them a go. Just make sure to study the photo to get the idea of what it will need to come out like.

Step 4: First Story Complete

If you managed to follow up until now, your castle should look something like this. Before starting the second story get the cat and see what it thinks of it's under construction castle. It may take a few looks before it uses it. Kittens will most likely just get straight into it and annoy you while you are building it. At least they like it, right?

Step 5: Second Story

Pretty much what you see here is what needs to be done...

Using that thrid box, cut out the flooring for the second story and the perch/balcony. You only need enough tape to stop it from moving. The support for the floor is in those rafters!

Grab that second box and put it on the top. Use a few bits of tape to hold it in place on there. I cut another doorway for the cat to get out onto the perch/balcony. The cat will probably prefer to jump up onto it once it's done so make sure it holds the weight if you decide to make one.

Step 6: Finished

In the photo you will see what the end product should similar to. The height of the castle is about 3/4 of a metre high but you could really go as high as you wanted I guess. I put a cloth inside the top story to pad the flow a bit so the cat can sleep in there and she does! Sorry if I didn't go too deep into details but you can do what ever you want, really. Just experiment and see what you come out with!