Introduction: Cat Coffin Made of Cardboard

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hot glue gun

glue sticks

card board




craft knife set (optional)

Step 1: Trace the Template on to the Cardboard

Step 2: Finish Tracing

Step 3: Now Cut Out the Base With the Cutting Tool

Step 4: Now Its Cut Out

Step 5: Step 5: Now Cut Out the Sides

Step 6: Now Measure the Sides for Creases

Step 7: Then Get a Ruler and Put It on the Line You Measured Before Then Now Crease It Over the Ruler

Step 8: Now a Make Another One the Same Size

Step 9: Step 9: Now Put All Four Sides Around the Base to Make Sure You Have All Your Sides

Step 10: Glue All the Sides on With the Hot Glue Gun

Step 11: Step 12: Now Your Done