Introduction: Cat Ear LED Glasses/mask

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I made a pair of LED glasses some days ago. But my nose is too flat for it. I think of how to improve it. So I made this version.

Step 1: Material

mask body part: wood PLA filament(can be other one, I just use the one I have)

mask top/diffuser part : clear or white color PETG filament(can be others, I just use the one I have)

LED parts

2pc LED ring with 24 right-angle LEDs, outwards facing


1pc Blinkytape controller


1 pair PicoBlade 3p cable


solder wire, heat-shrink

Power and others

Power bank, micro USB cable

Rubber band


Step 2: 3d Printing

Print the body with wood pla and print the top piece with PETG

Step 3: Solder and Assembly

Solder the wires refer to the photos and add the rubber band, and glue the diffusers.

Step 4: Load the Firmware and Testing

Pattern Paint official instruction

I set the fixture to be-- Blinkytape, Linear, 1, 48, RGB

I clicked "New"->"the scrolling pattern". Then I clicked pause, and add the draw the color I want for each frame. You can also load the above pattern image I save to test it.