Introduction: Cat Enrichment Feeding Tube

A fun way to limit food intake and increase your cat's activity.


  • Dry cat food
  • Cardboard tube (I used a wrapping paper tube)
  • Thin cardboard
  • Pen/marker
  • Ruler
  • Duck Tape
  • X-Acto knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sandpaper (optional)

Step 1:

Trace the end of your tube on the cardboard with your pen. Then cut out each circle with your knife.

Step 2: (optional)

If you would like, you can sand the edges of your circle, so they line up with the outside of your tube better. If you do this step, I would recommend cutting them on the big side.

Step 3:

Decide how long your want your tube to be, mark it, and cut it to size with your knife. I made mine ten inches long. If you would like, you can sand the cut end to make it even.

Step 4:

Carefully glue your circles to the ends of your tube. Take your time.

Step 5:

Draw rectangles bigger in all directions than the widest part of your dry food. The closer in size the food and the rectangles are, the harder it will be for your cat to extract the food. I made five rectangles, each several millimeters larger than my cats' food.

Step 6:

Carefully using your knife, cut out your rectangles and remove them from your tube.

Step 7:

Seal the edges of your tube, and the rectangles with small strips of tape. Make sure the tape covers all of the edges of the holes by attaching it just inside and outside each rectangle side. You can also cover the rest of the cardboard with tape for increased durability.

Now fill with food through the rectangles and give to your cat.