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Introduction: Cat Food

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So we ran out of cat food so my mum and dad said we could get some in the afternoon, but they looked so hungry:'( then my dad said I could make some for them so I did and here it is!

Step 1: What You Need

2 tins of fish in oil
Weetabix or the cheap version.

Step 2: Literally the Only Step

Put 2 weetabix in the bowl (I'm doing this for 3 kittens) then put the tins of fish in, you have to use the oil too. Then mash it together with the fork.

Step 3: Done

Now just give to your cats! My kittens loved it so I hope your do too!

Until next time.

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    18 days ago

    Great. I'll have to utilize no sugar Shredded Wheat, but I probably need to have more of both the fish and cereal in my closet. I'd probably use this as emergency food. We get power outages here in Texas that can be unnerving without some prep.