Introduction: Cat Outfit

I made this to put on a cat who had a recent Spay. She wouldn't stop licking so I looked up some other solutions and just needed something simple.

This is technically a No-Sew craft but you are welcome to use a thread and needle if you want to make it last longer.

Step 1: Materials!

Long Sleeve T shirt big enough that the cats body can Easily (maybe a bit snug) fit inside the arm hole.

Collar - sized to fit the cat of course.


Optional: (Thread, Needle, Hot glue and embellishments)

Step 2: Cut & Cut

From the long sleeve T Shirt you want to cut off an arm.

I eyeballed it for the length of the cat stretching, you may want to measure and then cut longer, you can always shorten it but adding length is hard.

From the Sleeve piece you want to cut some holes.

Cut two arm holes long enough for the shoulder blade of the cat to comfortably fit.

You can measure the distance of the chest to make an accurate cut - but More space is fine, less makes it hard for the cat to walk.

Then cut two slits for the collar to buckle - only to the end of the hem.

* Here is where I'd recommend sewing, reinforcing the existing hem and making a hem down the arm holes. Our cat licked the thread out and attempted to lick the shirt apart.

Step 3: Thread the Collar

To end the buckle where you want it you want to start from one of your buckle holes.

If the hem is Too tight to easily thread the buckle through you can stretch the opening a little by using a tooth of the buckle and pulling a little (but not too much!)

Use the tooth side (male side) of the buckle to wiggle the collar into it.

Then work the hem up and around the collar to get it through.

You want to do this for all of the hem of the sleeve except the part that would cover the buckle.

Step 4: Put on the Cat!

It is like dressing a child.

Bunch up the shirt

Place the whole thing over the cats head at once.

Buckle the collar

Guide the cats paws through the arm holes.

Note: The cat will not enjoy this. My cat flopped over and played dead for about an hour and a half before getting up and moving around. The first day in this will be awkward for the cat but they will get accustomed to it.

I would remove it once daily and wipe down her fur with pet wipes to help keep her clean while she couldn't clean herself.

This outfit was used in addition to a collar - Elizabethan style.

Step 5: Optional

You can make it cute or add whatever you like to the cat outfit to make it more visually appealing.

The collar wasn't on my first attempt and my cat just wriggled her way out of it. The collar helps keep it on but her primary focus became attempting to lick off the shirt.