Introduction: Cat Pouch Jumper

One for the fur face. I've ruined my snug rug.So what? I didn't need the sleeves really.

Step 1: Choose a Jumper

I'm using an old jumper and a very new snug blanket, :/ . My jumper has pockets so I'm removing them so they can go on the front of the pouch.
Mark the centre of the fabric that will be the outside and measure 1 cm less than the pocket measure ,cut. Sew the pockets in front of the cut out fabric,this will allow access to the inside of the pouch when you put your hands in your pockets.
Now sew the bottom of the fabric onto the jumper, both outsides facing each other so when you lift it up the stitches won't show.

Ok so the stitching around the pocket is wonky but this really isn't my field.

Step 2: The Inside

Measure a piece of fabric that will cover the jumper lengthwise.This will be the back of the pouch.
The inside fabric should be slightly higher than the outside so you can apply a " flap" that will double as the cat cover/ blankie.
Start by stitching the bottom where you sew the front fabric.
Make sure the fabric is well stretched and sew the top to the front of the jumper,and now apply the " flap" ,sewing it on the inside out ,so this time when it drops,the stitches will be hidden.

Step 3: Almost There

Tuck in all the sides and sew them together making sure you catch the front of the jumper too. I sew mine in a way that the stitches don't show, but if you have a nice thread and a steady hand maybe you can make a nice stich-work border.
It should all look like a nice small cushion when you turn it inside out.
Trim all the excess fabric off and cut all the hanging thread.
Turn it the right way around.
I decided that the corners of mine needed to be decorated with a button on each side. Because,nothing ever doesn't need buttons.

Step 4: Cat Ears

Cut triangles out of the same fabric and fold them in half, whilst inside out stitch the sides together to form pointy ears.
Turn the right way.
Decide where on the hood you want them ,pinch the inside of the hood catching the bottom of the ears and stitch

Step 5: Try It for Size.

Lure your cat out of his bed with treats.
Harass him into the pocket.
Disregard his/hers -"what exactly do you think you're doing" looks.
Bribe him with tuna if necessary.
Loose all hope and give up.

( I'll try to post more pictures later that look less like animal cruelty .)

Step 6: O.O

I don't know why I bother.

Step 7: Not Bothered

When you come back and find the cat fell asleep brushing up on his chess.

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