Introduction: Cat TV for Working From Home

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Hey, so this isn't pretty but it's meant to redirect cats so that you can work without being sat on. The photos are kinda wonky, sorry. Good Luck!


A Small Cardboard Box

A Hot Glue Gun

A Pen

An iPad

Step 1: Cutting Out Pieces

So first I took the box and put my iPad centre on it. I then cut off all of the flaps. I cut side edges to hold the iPad in. On the side with the home button, cut out an indent for it. I then made a top piece and marked where they overlapped. I then made a mark at the top of my iPad in the box and cut the box down to that point.

Step 2: Glueing

I heated the glue gun and took out the edge and top pieces. I glued those how they would sit in the box (this is what that mark is for). I then realized they were a bit short so I added ledges and glued the pieces onto those. I cut out an indent big enough to fit my iPad through on one side and then added the stand on the back.

Step 3: Setting It Up

Now all you have to do is go to this playlist of videos for cats or turn on like 8 hours of cat tv. Set guided access so if the cat whacks the screen it won't move and plug it in. Put the iPad in the stand and next time your cat tries to jump up and sit on your keyboard, re-direct to the tv.

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