Introduction: Catnip Pillows

Your cat will LOVE having his own catnip pillow! My cats love these so much that they actually sleep with their little pillow. I think they're trying to keep the other cats away from it! A catnip pillow is a super easy and quick project - it only takes a small amount of fabric, a little sewing, some stuffing, catnip and a cat!

I think these are better than the ones you buy in the store - since you'll be using your own catnip - it will be fresher and they'll like it a lot more! You can also change this to make different shapes if you want - but it's easier to do a simple square or rectangle.

Step 1: List of Requirements for Simple Catnip Pillows

Here is what you'll need:

- a quarter yard of material (I used fleece)
- sewing machine (or you can hand-sew it)
- scissors or rotary cutting tool
- stuffing to fill it
- a small amount of catnip

Step 2: Cutting & Sewing the Edges

The first thing you'll want to do is cut out your material. I used some scrap material and made my cat pillow 7 inches wide by 6 inches high. You can change this to make it bigger or smaller.

You can either cut out two exact pieces with the same measurements, or you can use a longer piece and fold it so you'll have to sew one less seam. Either way is fine, but I like to cut the two exact pieces out.

Next, lay the pieces out and you can pin them together if you like -with the wrong-sides facing out. Then head over to the sewing machine and sew three of the four edges -  leaving one edge completely open for stuffing.

Step 3: Filling It and the Catnip

Next you'll want to take the piece and turn it right-side out. Then, take your stuffing and fill it up as much as you like. Then take out the catnip and sprinkle it in there and mix it up really well with the stuffing.

Fold the open edges inward and pin it closed. Then, go to the sewing machine and topstich to close the final seam up. That's it and you are done!

Let me know how your cat likes it! :) My cats go completely crazy over these things!

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