Introduction: Cereal Holiday Tree Garland - Aka Keep Kidos Busy While Making Holiday Memories

This is a simple fun garland for the kids and while they are busy doing that you can finish what ever holiday chore you need. Ok, so this is nothing new, but I'd figured I'd add this cause of one trick I used which allowed the kids to take charge of their strand.

The things you'll need

donut shapped cereal (like cheerios, fruit loops etc.)
Capri sun straw (or equivalent)

Step 1: The Straw!

so this step is the only real substantive part of this instructable. the beauty of the straw is that it is large enough that the kiddos can thread the yarn with out giving them something metal and sharp.

Start with the straw. The cool thing with the straw is you let the kiddos drink a Capri sun as part of it so it gets them involved early.

Next wet the tip of the yarn.

Place the yarn in the blunt end of the straw.

Next suck the yarn through the straw. (choking hazard) this part takes patience and a willingness to inhale yarn for your children. If you are having trouble you can try twisting the yarn (with the grain) and pushing the yarn.

One it's through tie the yarn in a large enough knot so that it does not easily slip through the straw.

Once the knot is big enough, force it into the straw by pulling it, but just enough to get the know into the straw. If there is excess yarn sticking out the front just cut that yarn off.

Step 2: Start Threading!

Show the children how to put the cereal on the straw.

It helps to have a pan or plate that they can easily remove the cereal from.

Now the important part. Hope that they are entertained enough to allow you to escape and take care of your holiday chores.

Step 3: Apply to the Holiday Tree

With any luck you have kept the kiddos busy and completed all of your chores. with even more luck, your children will have completed a garland that can be applied to a tree. If you are like me, one child sat and ate cereal for an hour and played with yarn while the other one did the same thing but also created the Garland. Either way it's a fun holiday activity.

p.s. if you have a feline who is a fan of cereal, your decoration may not survive.