Introduction: Ceviche - Virginia Style

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Here is another recipe from Our Kitchen.

We both love Seafood. Anytime we are out, and see Ceviche on the menu, we order it as a shareable. It is light, healthy (well, except for eating raw seafood, technically) and delicious.

The process is cooking with acid. The acid is in the form of lime juice for us with a smidge of apple cider vinegar.

While this is technically cooked, it is really raw and should be consumed sooner than later. And, you, your kitchen and your utensils need to be clean.

Without further delay, here is my Wife's take on a classic Peruvian delight.


A kitchen, old joke...

Seafood of your choice. White Fish, Scallops, Shrimp, Lobster, Conch etc

6 limes (this will do 2-3 lbs of seafood)

1 large Roma Tomato, or 2 small ones

Bunch of Cilantro

(2) Tiny Cucumbers

(1) Jalapeno (adjust for your level of desired heat)

1/4 Cup Red Onion.

1 teaspoon each salt and pepper

Hot Sauce to taste

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar.

Step 1: Cut and Mix the Seafood

Cut all your seafood into small pieces, they should all be about the same size, we base it on a "Large" Shrimp cut into 3 pieces. Put all of this into a glass bowl. NOT METAL. This process will make it taste funny if you use stainless steel.

Step 2: Add Lime Juice

You can use a lemon juicer to do limes, but not a lime juicer to do lemons, so just buy a lemon juicer!

Cut the limes in half, across the lime, put in the juicer as shown. This method gets way more juice than cutting them lengthwise

Cover with plastic wrap and put this in the fridge for an hour minimum.

Some restaurants will use vinegar to save money. Don't. A little at the end for flavor is fine, but to be cheap at home when 6 limes cost $2 is just silly. The flavor cannot compare. You also can use lemon, orange or any citrus juice. Fresh squeezed is best.

Step 3: While Your Fish Is Cooking...

Cut up your veggies. Maybe have a glass of Homebrew from Scrapheap!!

Step 4: Mix Together You Veggies in a Separate Bowl

Step 5: Mix It All Together

Add the veggies to the fish, APV and S&P last - from the chef - add the S&P last. Salt will make the tomatoes mascerate and not be as good.

Step 6: Plate and Serve


We like these crackers from Aldi:

We hope you enjoy.