Introduction: Chach, Miniature Lawn Bowling on the Carpet

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Chach, what a weird name. How did I come up with it? When I played it with my siblings, whenever one of us hit another marble, we would scream "CHACH!". Oh yeah, and WHY is there a marble set from the UK in the pictures? That's where I got the marbles.


Colored marbles.

Step 1: The Rules

There is a video example below. The rules are: three marbles each, they have to be different colors. Someone rolls a different colored marble from the ones being used. The closest one to the marble(in my case, the red one)wins!

Step 2: Getting the Marbles

My recommendation is the marble run in the pictures. You could also make some marble runs. To get one, click here. Note, I AM NOT SPONSORED! You can include as many players depending on the many colors of marbles you have. I wouldn't recommend more than ten players, but that is okay.

Step 3: Done Already?!?!

Well, that was fast. Have fun deciding who gets to roll the ball, and probably don't play on gravel. That could scratch your marbles. Not recommended for kids who put stuff in their mouth. Thanks for reading, make sure to hit the favorite button, the follow button, and the vote button! comment if you think there was anything weird.

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