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I found two of these "beauties" on our attic.

Well... they don't fit in our kitchen with that classic look, but they are very comfortable.

So lets make my chais great again!

Step 1: Dismantle, But Don't Destroy

Be gently, use your man-power and maybe a rubber hammer. Put a piece of wood between the chair and the hammer, if possible.

You don't want to destroy the wood or the dowels.

Step 2: Grind It

So now you have a nice 3D chair puzzle. Did you write some numbers or so on each part, so you will be able to put them togehter again? Me neither, but it did all fit together after several tries.

I've used a grinder with 150 sandpaper. That may sound quite rough, but i was going to paint it several times anyway.

Step 3: Glue It

I've used very strong glue, just to be sure that all will hold together. (I'm just a graphiks-man and don't trust my woodworking-skills).

Be sure to have clamps or some ropes to bring the parts together. Make at least a plan in your head, when you will glue which part after which part.

I've added some extra wood-parts in the front for extra stabilisation.

Step 4: Paint It

Start with a thin layer of your brightes colour. It doesn't replace a good primer, but it did a quite good job.

Let it dry, aply a second layer ... if this is good enough for you, then start masking your first colour and go ahead with the second one. If not ... third layer.

I made all of it with a roll and not a brush. Worked. Wasn't fun. But worked.

(Colours: RAL 7035 and RAL 7001). Looks quite nice in our modern kitchen.

The seat was made from the old one. The wood was still good enough (chipboard).

We took some 40mm foam and glued it on the wood-seat. Cutted around with a knife, untill it looked just good enough.

Second layer is a cheat of wadding. Third is the upholstery fabric.

Turn it all around and use a good stapler to bring all layers together.

Take your time.

Finally: Screw your seat back on the chair.

This project is about 2 years old and we are still using them. Looking still quite good.

It was one of those projcets with this little voice in my head "you don't know how ... so lets start anyways".

Thanks for reading :)

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