Introduction: Chair Trellis for Climbing Vines

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My Morning Glory vines had begun to grow along the ground because they had nothing to climb. I took a metal twig chair that I had used for a former project and repurposed it, Double recycling! The metal chair already had a coat of paint so there was no prep work. I didn’t bother to clean up the seat area because it gives the vines a little texture to grab and it won’t show once the plant fills in a bit.


- A metal chair that is suitable for outdoor use

- A mature vine.

Step 1: Weaving the Vines

My Morning Glory was growing long branches along the ground so I had long lengths of vine to work with. I took ⅓ of the vines and wove across the seat. Then I took the second ⅓ and wove them in the other direction using a simple over under pattern. At this point it was starting to look like a woven seat again. I didn’t want it to look too man made so I used the last ⅓ to create some irregularity and to reinforce some weak areas.

Step 2: Now We Wait

I would love to have shown you a lush garden chair but the CA wildfires have been obscuring the sun while simultaneously dumping ash on us so it will take a little extra time to fill in. The Morning Glories bloom pretty profusely so the final effect should look like the chair is part of the vine with pretty blue violet flowers growing from it.

This a great way to create a focal point in your garden. In my case it also obscures a less than pretty area under my deck.

I’ll add more photos when the air quality improves.

Step 3:

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