Introduction: The COVID Crusher, a Spicy Infused Whiskey Cocktail

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It only takes a few simple ingredients, a couple of mason jars, and some patience to make this delicious infused whiskey.



- Mandarin Oranges

- Whole Cloves

- Cinnamon Sticks

- Whiskey

And of course mason jars

Step 1: Assemble and Prep Ingredients

First, assemble your supplies and wash your oranges

Step 2: Select and Measure Oranges

Smell your oranges, the more orangey they smell the riper they are, and of course the more flavorful. Check them against the size of your jars to see which will fit. Optimally you want the ripest prettiest oranges that will fit each jar.

Step 3: Clove Time...

At this point, you can either leave the oranges whole or cut them in half. I did one of each to see if I liked the stronger flavor from the cut orange or the weaker flavor of the whole orange.

Add cloves to each orange until it looks like a COVID cell. Don't be too scientifically accurate or the clove flavor might be too strong.

Step 4: Assembly Time...

Now put your cloved virus ball into a mason jar and add a whole cinnamon stick. Slowly pour whiskey over it savoring the fumes as you go. Last, seal it up tight and gently shake it to get the infusion started.

Step 5: Waiting Time...

Put the jar or jars into a cool dry place and wait a few days before you test it. If you want a spicier flavor give it more time, or less time for a subtle flavor.

You can serve it over ice if you like but I intend to put a sugar cube in a martini glass and pour my infused whiskey over it.

These little infusions make great hostess gifts and they're more creative than a simple bottle of wine.


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