Introduction: Chalk Board Mugs!

This is a way to write names on mugs that are removable, but super cute!

Step 1: Thins You Will Need,

Black Hockey Tape


A Mug


Step 2: Cut a Piece of Hockey Tape Off.

Make sure its not too small, you want to be able to write on it.

Step 3: Attach It to Your Mug...

Step 4: Now Get Out Your Mug and Stick on the Tape!

Step 5: Get Out Your Chalk and Write a Name or Initials!

Step 6: You Are All Done! This Is a Lot Cheaper Than Buying Chalkboard Stickers and Doesn't Disappear With Condensation.

Step 7: When You Are Done You Can Just Peel Off the Tape.

Step 8:

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