Introduction: Chalk Pastel and Acrylic Paint Seasons Painting

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This is an easy art project that anyone can do!


• Painting paper
• Fine tipped paintbrush (for painting the tree)
• Wide paintbrush (for blending)
• Red, brown, orange, yellow, light and dark green, and light and dark blue chalk
• Black acrylic paint
• Painter's tape
• Paint palette or paper plate

Step 1: Set Up Your Workspace

Using the painter's tape, tape your paper to a table with the widest side of the paper facing you. Tip: put the tape on your pants before you put it on the paper so that it will be less sticky and less likely to rip the paper when you take it off. (you might want to do this project outside or somewhere that is easy to clean up because the chalk pastel part will get messy). Organize your chalk pastels by color: greens, yellows and oranges, reds and browns, and blues.

Step 2: Setup for Pastels

Separate the paper into four sections (spring, summer, fall, winter) by placing 3 strips of tape vertically on the paper.

Step 3: Spring

Since spring is the first season, we should start with spring. In the first section you taped off start at the top and do a layer of the darkest green, then slowly get lighter until you reach the bottom of the paper. Once you have filled in the whole strip, use your blending brush to brush off the excess chalk dust.

Step 4: Summer

For summer we are going to use yellow and orange. Again, start with the darker shade and then get lighter as you go down. Then brush off the extra chalk dust.

Step 5: Fall

For fall we will use red and brown pastels. Start with brown and then add dark red and then lighter red. Brush off the chalk powder.

Step 6: Winter

Now we are using blue pastels. Start darker than get lighter. Brush off the chalk dust.

Step 7: The Tree

Now paint a tree without leaves with the black acrylic paint. The stump should be in summer and fall and then the branches should "grow" into the other seasons.

Step 8: Finishing Up

Carefully take the tape off of the paper. And voila! You just made art!