Introduction: Self Watering Planter From a Plastic Bottle

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This is a fun, simple project that is perfect for those who don’t have time to keep track of watering all of their plants.


• A Plastic Bottle
• A Box Cutter
• A Small Piece of Window Screen
• String (thick string works better)
• A Pair of Scissors
• Potting Soil
• Seeds of Your Choice

Step 1: Cutting the Bottle

Cut your bottle right down the middle. Be sure to make the top half at least 1" shorter than the bottom half otherwise this project will not work.

Step 2: Adding the Watering System

Take your piece of window screen and cut a small hole in the middle of it. String the yarn through the hole and tie it off so it does not fall through. Cut two small slits in the screen so it will sit nicely in the bottom of the top half.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Add potting soil and seeds to the top half of the planter. Fill the bottom half with water. You can even add fertilizer to the water. Now sit back and watch your plants grow!

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