Introduction: Chandelier Planter

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I am a home hobbyist and creator who really loves to take a piece of furniture or found object and make something beautiful out of it for myself or others to enjoy. I spend a lot of time outside in my home state of Colorado because....let's face it it is beautiful there and why wouldn't you?. This day I decided to create a hanging plant pot out of a chandelier!.


You will need:

1. A thrift store chandelier

2. Inexpensive plastic planter pots

3. A knife

4. Caulk

5. Plants and potting mix

Step 1: Choose Your Chandelier

I created a planter out of a thrift store chandelier. Here’s what the chandelier looked like when I first brought it home. I picked it up at a local thrift store for 1/2 off on Senior Tuesday (LOL. I am over 55 and our local thrift store gives 1/2 off discounts on Tuesdays for us lucky winners) and so got it for only $4.

Step 2: Deconstructing Your Chandelier Before You Reconstruct

The glass globes are not needed for this project so I removed them by unscrewing the screw collars from the inside on the electrical light socket. Without the glass globes, here's what the chandelier looks like.

Step 3: Choose Your Pots

Now, don’t remove the electrical sockets because these along with the screw collars will be used to hold on the inexpensive plastic planter pots (97 cents at Walmart). Now pick out some inexpensive plastic pots sized appropriately for the chandelier and cut a hole in the bottom with a knife just large enough to fit tightly over the electrical sockets.

Step 4: Install the Pots on the Chandelier

Push the pots over the electrical sockets through the holes you just cut and screw on the electrical socket screw collars. Put some caulk on the inside of the electrical socket to keep water and dirt from entering the socket. This step is probably not necessary but I just like to be careful not to encourage rust.

Step 5: Plant Your Plants

Pick our your favorite plants and plant in the pots with some potting soil and hang your new planter! Enjoy.

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