Introduction: Change Guitar Sound Using Your Phone :)

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Do you have an acoustic guitar?
Are you bored the old sounds of this instrument?

You can use a own phone to change this guitar voice, or maybe you want to play louder?

You need:
-Acoustic Guitar,

- phone- with those applications:

-Voicemod (Free):

-VoiceBand ($1.99-but this is The best app for this:) ):

-Vio (Free):

<>May be also other applications to change the voice / audio in real time

-Speaker, (I recommend computer speaker or portable Speaker, If you don't have any speaker,you can use headphones ;)

-Jack Cable

Step 1: Connecting to the Speakers or Headphones.

<>Connect one ending of the jack cable to Speaker, or Headphones :)

Step 2: Settings Your Guitar.

<>Drag the jack cable under the strings

Step 3: Setting Your Phone

1. Second ending of jack cable connect to the phone.

2. Choose a voice from app in your phone.

3. Insert your phone into the guitar.

Step 4: Finish :D

<>Now you can play on your guitar with other sounds :)

<>I have a few demos,if you want you can download and check how this works ;)


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