Change Pencil in to Miniature Sculpture :D




Introduction: Change Pencil in to Miniature Sculpture :D

About: Hi I'm KAFAROS :D

Do you like miniature things?

Do you want to make own exceptional thing from pencil?

This is instruction for you :)


You need:

-File (tool),


-Small sharp knife,

-Time ;)

-and of course pencil/s


You don't need:

-special skills ;)

Step 1: Finding a Inspiration.

...inspiration is not hard to find,because everything can be made (little homes,animals,vehicles...and more other things ;) )

In this instruction i used picture of "1 World Trade Center"/NYC

...If you found inspiration--->check next step :D

Step 2: Which Pencil Should You Use?

>You can use every pencil, but for your first miniature sculpture I propose to use bigger pencil (I used pencil with one centimeter of diameter),or if you want try smaller pencil,the same steps -but harder.

Step 3: (Optional)

>If your pencil have something what looks like cover - remove it

Step 4: Preparing a Pencil.

>carefullyscrape wood along the length of a few centimeters.

>If your pencil will break-don't worry is your first time-try again :)

>If your pencil looks like the pencil on third picture you can go to next step--->

Step 5: (optional)

>You can level the surface using File (tool).

Step 6: Try to Draw Your Thing on Pencil.

>Using a needle,try to draw your thing on pencil.

Step 7: Shapes of Your Sculpture

>Start slowly scrape using a needle to get shapes of your sculpture.

>If you want have flat and smooth surface,use small sharp knife (second video)

Step 8: Details

>You can make details using delicatelysmall sharp knife or needles.

Step 9: Finish :D

You finished your first miniature sculpture :D

Share yours in comments :)

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    5 years ago

    very cool!
    Have you ever carved one of those pencils that are all graphite, no wood?


    6 years ago

    Super cool! Have you ever tried painting on top of the lead?


    6 years ago

    Good job!! Looking forward for more!!


    6 years ago

    This is amazing. I read about an artist once who made fantastic pencil lead creations. I will have to find their name for you