Introduction: Flying_Robot

About: Hi I'm KAFAROS :D

Do you want to make own exceptional flying thing from paper?

This is instruction for you :)


You need:




-Sheet of paper,



You don't need:

-special skills ;)

Step 1: Printing the Template.

>For first you have to choose which version you want to do (BIG or small)-I used BIG ;)

>Next print slected version

Step 2: Cutting.

>Now, cut carefully along the black and green lines (look on the pictures) :)

Step 3: Gluing.

>Next step is gluing both robot parts.

Step 4: Folding.

>Fold wings like showed on first photo.

>Now you robot can dance Breakdance ;)

Step 5: Ballast.

>Now your robot need ballast, to correctly falling down.

>Use one or fewclips (like on photo)

Step 6: Test.

>Now your robot is ready for dancing in the air :)

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