Introduction: Change_Colour_Lighit_To_Your_External_Hard_Disc

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I will show how simple is to change colour light in external hard disc. How was disc look before that I forget to take a photo, so I search on Google.

I change colour from green to blue, so now colour fits with all other things around.

Step 1: Tools _&_Equipment

For changing colour we need SMD LED, you can buy them from Farnell site or some other on-line shop. You just must be careful to buy right size. The most using sizes are 0603, 0805 and 1206. More about this sizes you can look on page;

So what we need for changing colour, we need only 4 things

- LED diodes, colour what we want, I choose blue
- Screwdriver to take a pieces external hard disc
- Tweezers for holding LED diode
- Soldering iron to solder new LED diodes

Step 2: Take_to_a_pieces

Now we must take to a pieces our external hard drive. Be careful when you opening your disc.

Step 3: Solder_New_LED_Diodes

So, before you go to solder new LED diodes you should (of course first remove the old one) know something about them, how to turn on correct site, where is anode and cathode on SMD LED.

Step 4: First_LED

I tested with first LED if is working well, and it was amassing 

Step 5: Finish_Product

And on the finish it's look just great! =) Please rate an instructable =)