Introduction: Cheap_USB_LED_Light_For_Computer

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When I see USB contest I was thinking about USB LED light which I wanted already to do in the past. So now I made LED light. Always when I must open my computer and look for some number, add or remove some component, or else, I looking for some light. And when I find flash light, the battery doesn't working, then I searching for battery, of course I don't find any good one. Lets start building USB LED Light.

First what we need of parts;

- USB Cable
- Two white LED 
- One 220Ohm resistor
- Some protective thin tubes

Step 1: Prepare_LED_Diodes

Now we must solder together LED diodes. Diode have A - anode [+] and K - cathode [-]. We must solder together anodes and cathodes. 

Step 2: Prepare_USB_Cable

First must cut off useless end of cable, peen isolation of cable and cut off useless cable.

Step 3: Solder_parts_together

Now we prepare all parts. Now we must just solder together. 

Step 4: Usage

This LED Light is very useful, cheap and simple to build. To avoid troubles of search I store light in my computer.

I must apologise for my bad English. I hope that you like my first project on this site. 

Have fun!


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