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Hello to all,

I decide to make this USB Hard Disc Box because the External hard disc are so more expensive than normal disc for computer, and almost everybody have some of this at home and they are lie somewhere not in use. So because I don't have money for new External Hard Disc I decide to make this box using old USB adapter from USB to IDE (For disc) and one power supply unit for DVD drive, you can use power from computer if you can.
Let's start building.

Step 1: Material and Tools

I'm using, I don't know how is speak in English so I use dictionary who says; "slightly minced particle board" it's easy for modelling. I use 8mm fat board. 

- For drawing we need pencil, ruler and tape.
- For sawing wood, sabre saw and someone who will hold wood (you can see my helper on picture)
- For gluing I use hot plastic glue gun

- We will need one USB - IDE adapter
- Power supply unit, as I say I use one from old DVD drive. If you can use direct from computer.
- One IDE connector from old IDE cable
- Some electronic crossbars
- Soldering station to solder crossbars and IDE connector (my solder station you can see on first picture of this instructable)
- One male and one female computer power cable
- Some protect tubes for cable

Step 2: Design Idea

First I design my idea with free program Google SketchUp. Descriptions are on pictures.

Step 3: Make a Wooden Parts

I was drawing on my head, so I didn't use any forms but I made forms for you. So first I draw parts on the wood and cut out with sabre saw, you can print out forms and tape them on wood out or draw it by self. I prepare for you PDF with sizes if you want draw by self.
When you finish with drawing must just cut the parts out.

Step 4: Assembly a Wooden Parts

Now we must just glued parts together. For help use mathematical triangle to be sure that corner it 90°

Step 5: Prepare Connectors

Now we must make communication between Hard Drive in box and computer. In this step we will make connector for IDE and power supply in box.

Step 6: Assembly Last Part Together

Now we have to assembly connectors, box, USB adapter and power supply unit. 

Step 7: Connect

Now we only have to connect USB adapter and power supply to our connectors, give Hard Disc in store place and push one disc in line for disc and have fun! 

I hope you liked! 

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