Chap Stick Safe OES Ball

Introduction: Chap Stick Safe OES Ball

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I had an old OES chap stick container that I didn't use and decide to see if I could make a container out of it. This turned out pretty nice. It actually holds more stuff then I thought I would. This was pretty easy to make and only required a view tools to make. This is great for holding change, tylenol, bullets, screws, anything small.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

an OES chap stick ball


wire cutters

paper towels



Step 2: Cut Out Chap Stick

The container I used was old and got dirty I would recommend using an empty used one either way it works. Use a butter knife or knife or to cut out the the actual chap stick. This is pretty easy I used a scissors for this also. I comes out pretty easy. It should leave you with the empty case and some exposed plastic. The lid is empty and can just leave it.

Step 3: Cut Out Plastic

I found using a wire cutter is the best way to gut out the inside of the chap stick. There is plastic going across that held up the chap stick. This can be easily cut out. Make sure to cut as close to side of the container as you can. A scissors would work but you can't get as close to edge. There will be chap stick in the bottom of the container that you can simply wipe off with a paper towel and some water. But some stuff in side it put the cap on your set.

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    7 years ago

    you could use a propane torch, CAREFULLY, to melt the ChapStick out and retain the waxy substance for other uses. after cutting the retainer out, use a dremil sanding unit to smooth out and prevent from possibly cutting yourself.


    7 years ago

    are they .22 hollow point rounds?