Introduction: Char Cloth Nuggets With Waterproof Case

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This fire starter with waterproof case is a space saver and ultralight. This is another way to cut weight without losing functionality. Easy to catch a spark, the nugget is hot enough to flame on its own.

When backpacking, ounces = pounds, and pounds = pain.

10 packed nuggets + case + ferro rod = 1.8 ounces.

Repurposed from PopUp wipes for their cotton fabric and clear waterproof tube. I found these at a deep discount at 50 cents for a tube of 8. You can find these at many retail stores as stand alone tablets.

You can follow these Make Char Cloth instructions or follow the cliff notes below.


Sealable tin - altoids can

Nail & Hammer

Compressed Towelettes - PopUp wipes or any brand (must be cotton)

Step 1: Punch a Hole in the Tin

The hole allows gas to escape. It does not need multiple or large holes.

Step 2: Pack Them In

Not tightly. I made 8 here and 16 in another batch.

Step 3: Close Tin and Add to a Fire

Cook it and watch for smoke out of the hole. Flip it to see if more smoke comes out. A few min of no smoke and its done.

Step 4: Let It Cool

Take it out and let it cool. The nuggets shrink and get lighter compared to the originals. They should not be brittle which meant they were overcooked.

Step 5: Make Fire With Char Cloth Nugget

I had a knife and fero rod on a windy day. I use short back and forth strokes. I don't swipe, that's too hard to control. It only takes one spark, and the ember grows. Blow until it spreads then add some shavings.

Step 6: Store the Char Cloth Nuggets

Use the waterproof tube it came with. Alternatively, use a m&m minis container, tupperware container, ziplock bag, or the same tinder box you used before.

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