Introduction: Charming Yarn Tablecloth

As DIY makers, We always want to attract our family or visitors with the little and simple thing we made. In this instructable i will show you how to make a Yarn pom pom design Tablecloth for your coffee table. This design add a cool feeling to your living room. Making this tablecloth is very simple and straight forward. You can follow the below steps to be able to make your own Yarn Tablecloth.


Materials :



Plywood(For jig)

2" Nails(For jig)

Tools :


Hammer(For jig)

Backsaw(For jig)

Step 1: Making the Jig

The jig to make the tablecloth is very simple. A plywood and nails all around to form a square.

For the Plywood i`m using a 400 x 400 mm and 12 mm thick plywood painted brown. This could not be less than that as it must be able to hold a nail.

The nails are hammered 40mm apart and 11 nails in one side. You must make sure that the nails are deep enough because believe me, you do not want the nails to fall out during the weaving process. Whenever you see the nails start to bend just hammer before it get off.

This is all about the jig. Now we can start making the tablecloth.

Step 2: Start Weaving

Firstly, we tie the Yarn to the second nails on one side then you follow the path of the second picture. You can see that the third picture shows how the yarn are bend around the nail. It not important to tie it the nail everytime. But it may happen to run out of yarn. Then you can attached the yarn to the final nail of the first yarn on continue weaving.

Step 3: Keep Weaving

After you change orientation, the tablecloth should be as the first picture. You can double check every time you finish 1 layer. The layer should be consistence like the second picture in order to have a beautiful final product.

You can add up layer how many want. In my case i have 20 layers and start to look good. You should know that the more layer you have, the more beautiful it will be at the end. This is where 2" nails play a big role, as they are long and can accommodate up to 30 layers.

Step 4: Tie It Up !

To tie it up, i`m using the same yarn with a needle so that it is easier to get below the yarns.You can see in the first picture where is make the yarn to pass below the yarn layer and in the second picture i tie a loop. to get it more firm you can cross tie it, so that the joint is fully tie up and will not open latter.

This process is repeated for all the joint as shown in the third picture. You can cut the yarn at each steps or just joint it to the next joint.

Step 5: Cutting the Yarn to Make the "Pom Pom" Design

When you finish to tie all the joint, now it is time to grab your scissor and start cutting 3/4 of the yarns between the joints as in the second picture. You should be very attentive at this stage because if it happen to cut all the yarn, the final product will be ruin. This process is a pleasure for me as the design start to get to its shape.

You should cut the middles joint first and keep the border for latter as it will make the entire process easier.

Step 6: Giving the Shape

After cutting all the yarn for example on the Y axis then you can cut on the X axis. If are not familiar with x,y axis you can follow the first picture. You do not have to make anything to get the yarn to do the "Pom Pom" design, as long as you cut all four yarns of a joint, it will automatically open itself up.

Step 7: Removing From Jig

To remove the table cloth out of the jig you should cut out the yarn between the nails fully. You can then trim the yarn if it is too long, but in my case i like it long.

Step 8: Final Product

You can see from the above picture how this design look cool and charm. You can use it on your Dining Table, Coffee table or even as a decorative cover. I hope you enjoy that instructable. Do post your comment and question below.

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