Introduction: Cheap Cardboard Paint Booth

A simple and cheap paint booth to avoid the toxic fumes of paint sprays and primers.

It had to be light, and easy to set up without a fixed outside vent. I needed to use a normal window to get the pipe out.

My room is quite small, and I have more vertical than horizontal space, therefore I needed the pipe to be on top of it, instead of behind it.

Also I put the vent in a corner, instead of in the center. This is very important because if the extractor is turned off, some particles of old/dry paint fall from it and spoil whatever is sitting there drying.

That is way the extractor is in a corner, and a red square just beneath it marks the spot where I should not put any model or just anything at all.

With this configuration you can control how quick you need the fumes to be vented, just opening or closing the lids.

This configuration allows an easy storage as the lids can be firmly attached with a clamp.

Step 1: What You Need

You just need:

  • Cardboard box, I used a 72 litres one.
  • Fumes extractor, I recommend at least 20W of power
  • Tubing and clamp
  • LED lights

Step 2: Making the Hole and Inserting the Extractor

Step 3: Wiring

Step 4: LED Light

Cut the top lid leaving just a small barrier to block the light from your eyes.

Stick the led strip to the inside of the box

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Insert the pipe and firmly attach it.

Mark the spot where the extractor is with a tape of some color.

Add switches, connect the cables to the electricity... and you are done!

Step 6: Use It!

Open the window and take the pipe out for operation.

You can use a clip to close the lids, it really does not take much space when all lids are closed.

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