Introduction: Cheap Drill Press DIY

I decided to build a drill press for 12$.

I have mostly used design by Izzy Swan he have pretty good build videos: His YouTube Channel

Here You can see the video of my final product :

Now I can drill bunch of 90deg holes.. but why?

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


1.Use your old corded drill or buy the cheapest one:

Example HF coupon for 12$ Drill: coupon

2. hose clamp

3. Scrap wood

4. Wood Screws


1.Table Saw (Can be done with a any saw, but have to changed little bit).

2. Drill.

3.Safety Glasses.

Step 2: Aseembly

Create a slide by sandwiching wood pieces together.

Use paper as a shims between the wood.

Wax the sliding surfaces.

Step 3: Assebbly

Secure the drill into the sliding carriage.

Take a square and make sure that the drill bit is 90deg to the surface. Use wedges if needed.

Add Handle and a spring to allow better pushing and returning.