Introduction: Cheap Easy DIY Notebook

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I had a lot of fun making these cheap DIY notebooks. They were used as part of my groomsmen gifts at my wedding. Don't worry, I gave the guys other stuff too! Follow along with my instructable and I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

    Dude, you're going to need some supplies for this thing. Here's a list of them:

    • Push Pin
    • Cutting Board
    • Child Scissors
    • Exacto Knife
    • Ruler
    • Threaded Needle
    • Pencil
    • Tape
    • Glue
    • Corner Cutter
    • Ball of Twine
    • Cardstock
    • Paper Filler
    • Tape
    • Map
    • Old Picture Book
    • National Geographic
    • More Old Comics

    Step 2: Measure and Cut

    Grab about 15 sheets of paper. This will make a 30 page notebook. Now, measure halfway along the paper when it's in hamburger orientation (not hotdog!) and then cut along this mark. Repeat this for the card stock.

    Step 3: Line Up and Fold

    Line up the sheets of paper with the cardstock and then fold them in half. This will be your first peak at the notebook.

    Step 4: Punch a Hole and Thread That Needle

    Punch a hole along the crease of the fold you just made. I punched mine about a fourth of the way in on each side. Now take your threaded needle and pull the string through the hole. Loop it around to the other side and then pull just one of the strings through so that both ends of the string are on the inside of the notebook. Alternatively here, you could just staple the darn thing.

    Step 5: Tie and Cut the String on the Inside

    Take the two ends of the string on the inside of the notebook and tie them together twice. Here you can see me tying them away from the fold. I put my thumb down to hold it and do the same tie again to form a knot. Take some little baby scissors and cut the string short on the inside of the notebook. Normal scissors will work here too, but it might not be as fun.

    Step 6: Pick Out Comic Book Page and Cut to Size

    Now comes the fun part. Pick out a comic you like and cut it out of the book. Next cut it to the same size as the notebook.

    Step 7: Glue to Front Cover

    Take your glue stick and apply a bunch of glue to the front cover of the notebook. Line up the comic book page where you want it and then push it down. Next smooth it out so there are no bubbles. You can just use your hand for this, or you can use a plastic putty tool. Last, put a book on it to dry.

    Step 8: Cut of Excess and Corners

    Once it's dried, cut off the excess card stock. Then take your corner cutter and round off the edges. You could also leave these corners as-is. It's entirely up to you! Last put a book on it to flatten it out. I sometimes leave it overnight.

    Step 9: Done!

    Take the book off and tada you have a easy cheap DIY notebook. Make a bunch of them and experiment with different covers. Then make a YouTube video about it. Feel free to check out my video over there. Thanks for reading my instructable!

    The idea for these notebooks came from the imakestuff channel on YouTube. Their video can be found here: .

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