Introduction: DIY Patch Hat

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Today we're going to make an ill ass patch trucker hat! Are you a trucker? Do you have patches? Are you ill? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the instructable for you!

Life’s short and we have weird shaped heads. Let’s make a DIY patch hat to cover up our noggins and shield our eyes from the sun’s painful rays.

Here's the video I made about the build:

Step 1: Scope Out the Scene

For this project, you’re going to need a trucker hat. I bought seven from $26 or $3.71 each. If you want to just buy one hat from Amazon, that also works. Here’s one of the hats I bought:

The reason I like these Blank Otto Trucker Hats (item number 32-468) is they have two nice foam panels and they fit my watermelon head just fine.

The patches I got as a gift from my brother. The reason for the gift is that I’m a good person and good people are often rewarded. So in order to get patches for this tutorial try to do that for a while and see if you get any patches, or buy these cool space patches:

Then you’re going to need

Step 2: Prepare for Your Journey

In order to get the patch centered on the hat, you're going to need to summon your chicken pin buddy. It's the chicken that holds are your sewing pins.

Then take two of the pins and pin the patch to the hat. I like to avoid my huge meaty paws during this step. They can easily be pricked! We don't want that!

Next I prepare my sword for battle by threading the needle brah. After I've pulled the thread through I'll tie double restrictive thread ball, or a 'knot' as it's referred to in the sewing community.

Step 3: Leaving Mordor and Arriving at Lancelot

Then you sew the patch to the hat. It's literally as simple as that. I tried to get my thread all up in the black part of the patch, so it was hidden inside. You should try to do the same. When I sewed the green patch to the green hat, I used green thread and did the same thing again. You can’t see the thread at all unless you’re right up on it. When you're done just tie the bad boy off and Snippy McSnipperton.

Step 4: Smile and Plug Your YouTube Channel

Really that that’s it. You just sew a patch to a hat.

You might like watching me sew. You never know until you try!

If you have any questions or want to watch me do it, watch the video here: