Introduction: Cheap, Easy, Real Looking, Severed Feet Halloween Prop!

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These are my super cheap severed feet that don't look to shabby!

Step 1: Materials:

4 cardboard rolls.

Tape: I use electrical tape but any tape will do.

A pair of shoes.

Red and white paint.

Old pair of socks,and one extra.

Tin foil.



Step 2: The Foot Shape.

Cut the end off of the first sock. This will be our gory texture for the feet. this is optional, but you can cut notches in the top of the cardboard roll. this also adds to the "chopped up" effect. Then tape the sock on the notched end of the roll

Step 3: Tape the Rolls Together.

Need I say more?

Step 4: Paint.

I used a paint brush for this step, but I would recommend using a foam brush or something that would get in the texture better. I made a pair of feet so I did the process: 2-4 two times. Once the paint has dried move on to the next step.

Step 5: The Ankle.

Cut another piece of sock and wrap it around the roll. And use tape to hold it in place. This will make the ankle bigger, and more realistic.

Step 6: Put Your Socks On!

Cut and rip the tops of the socks, but not so much that you can see the unpainted part of the roll. Unless you put more sock on than I did and paint more. than you can do what ever you want! Wreak havoc on them socks! After your done destroying your socks,you can put them on your fake feet.

Step 7: The Broken Bones.

For this step I used little rolled up bits of tin foil painted white. Then once they are dry glue them on how ever you desire. I decided to have two bones sticking strait out. This is also optional, but before painting and gluing you can chew up the tips of the bones, just to make it more realistic.

Step 8: Touching Up With Paint.

You might still see some sock through the red paint. but that's OK! You can just touch that up right now! After your done that, mix some red and white paint up to get sort of a dark pink color. Then just dab a little bit around the "stump" of the foot. this just adds more realism. and your done! Happy haunting!

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