Introduction: Cheap Monster Wreath (With Cats)

A fun and easy to make wreath for under $10, assuming you own scissors and glue beforehand.

Step 1: Gather Supplies/Shopping

You will need

  1. Cutty bits (scissors, knife, x-acto, rotarty blade, pick your poison...)
    1. Maybe a thread cutter, if you prefer that to using scissors to dismantle costume
  2. Glue (hot is probably best, but again, pick your poison...)
  3. Fun fur ($5 - Mine's from a kid's Elmo costume, but could also be a fuzzy scarf, hat, pillow, jacket - ALL of which can be found at your local thrift store! For a lot cheaper than actual by-the-yard fun fur, but you can always go that route too.)
  4. Eyes ($1 - Dollar Tree, but could be ping pong balls if you have them lying around.)
  5. Cardboard (Free)
  6. Stuffing (Free-Cheap – newspaper, plastic bags, extra batting, etc.)
  7. Cats (Mandatory craft companions. Dogs are also perfectly acceptable, though oddly not always as good at sitting in the middle of everything. If one cat, or more, is not currently owned, they can be adopted at your local shelter for various donation fees!)

Step 2: KILL ELMO!!!

Well, that may not be necessary depending on your fur selection, but it sure is fun! You could also get a pillow pet to murder for a smaller wreath. And if you get bored of the whole process, you do get a lovely *Insert Beloved Character Here* carcass rug to decorate with.

To go through with the killing, use thread cutter or other cutty bit (like a Swiss Army Knife) to rip open seams and flay out your beast. Should have a nice bit of fabric now.

Step 3: (Optional) Interruption

Remind cats that they are capable of coexisting even though you yourself aren't always sure of that. "Your moms are going to be roommates for the next 2 years. You guys can do this!! Please, be civil!...please...maybe..."

(No cats were harmed in the making of this tutorial or in the process of living together and we plan to do everything possible to keep it that way.)

Step 4: Cut Cardboard

Utilize random circular things in your house (pots, pans, bowls) to make your wreath shape. You need one big circly thingy (for outer diameter) and one small circly thingy (for inner diameter). Other shapes are also acceptable (squares, triangles, ovals, tetrahedrons, I'm not shapist!)

If you have a cutting mat and x-acto, I recommend them for the job. If not, scissors will also work just fine.

Step 5: Cut Fabric and Poke Holes in Carboard for Hanging

This is the scary part, because you can't go back once you start cutting. BE CAREFUL! I used my cardboard as a template for the outer diameter. Then for the inner diameter, I used my cardboard again, but gave myself an extra 2+ inches for stuffing (ie. the inner diameter was smaller for the fabric than the cardboard). - See pictures for less wordy explanation.

Also poke holes in cardboard for hanging!

If using a pillow, it is a bit less scary. You only have to cut an inner diameter and the stuffing is all included. You do have to remove some of it from the center so you can close the wreath. Imagine that you are making a big fluffy donut!

Step 6: Eyeball Time

The eyeballs I got from the Dollar Tree have nice little seams, so I separated them. That way, I had twice the eyes! I used my Swiss Army and wedged the knife in between the seam to crack them apart. This is all optional, but very recommended.

Next, I placed the eyes on the wreath to determine where they looked best. I used a Sharpie to mark a black dot on the back of the fabric to remember the location for each eye.

Now, you have an option here. You can just glue the eyes on top of the fabric, or you can do something a bit trickier. I cut straight slits into the back of fabric and pushed the eyes through, like real eyelids. Put glue around circumference of eyeball (see pictures for tips). Then, keep the eye flat on the table and push fabric over the eye. Press down on fun fur side to secure the eye to the back side of fabric. Repeat for all eyes.

If using a pillow, steps are essentially the same. I also showed how I decorated those eyes since the eye pattern was only on one side. Just got a Sharpie and did a small circle

Step 7: (Optional) Break Time

Get pinned by fuzzy creature and give up until the next day. Whatever you do, do NOT remove creature under any circumstance. Remain until creature decides to vacate of own free will.

Or have another form of a break. You could be hungry right?

Step 8: Securing Wreath and Stuffing

Glue wreath to cardboard by grabbing the fuzzy bits and pulling them over a trail of hot glue. (See pictures) Just glue the outer diameter first. That way you can stuff it. Then glue the inner diameter.

If using a pillow, you are pre-stuffed and can just glue the inner diameter. Put glue on back of pillow and pull fun fur over to secure. (See pictures)

Step 9: Hanging Time

I decided to use wire to hang my wreath, but you could use string and tape too. I just bent the wire at the ends and shoved it in the holes I made earlier. Then, because I didn't want to hammer into my door, I put some duct tape on the wire and literally just taped the wreath up.

That's it! You're done! If you liked my tutorial don't forget to vote for me. Also, if you have any questions please ask away and I'll try and clarify!

Step 10: OPtIOnal

Deal with this...while trying to type a tutorial...

Don't remove arm until it feels like it is going to break off from shoulder.

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