Introduction: Cheap Sea-Monkey Aerator!

I've always been a big fan of Sea-Monkeys and I seem to never be able to come home from a trip to target without a new Sea-Monkey tank. A big part of keeping them alive is having enough oxygen in the tank. Oxygen gets in the tank by aeration. The sea-monkey guide that comes with all of the new sets recommends pouring the sea-monkeys into a cup then back to the tank to aerate the water. But that's time consuming and is just asking for you to spill them. The only other alternative is to buy the "Million-Bubble Air Pump" which is $3 plus shipping. I will admit that I have bought the pump before (then it was thrown away when it broke) but my simple Instructable aerator is much better then the pump. And cheaper!

Supplies you'll need:
Sea-Monkeys/Tank (I'm totally judging you if you didn't know this already)
Straw (preferably the bendy kind. And not some cheapo ones you got 200 for $1. Those will rip and not work)
Stapler (Swingline. Red preferred)
Staples (I'm getting sick of spelling things out)
Staple remover

Step 1: Staple and Remove

There really is basically only one step to this project, but we'll stretch it out for fun and longer loading time! At the end of the straw (not the top part, with the bendy) take your stapler and staple three or four staples. Don't make them any higher then about and inch and a half from the bottom of the straw. Then remove the staples. Then do this again, stapling three or four and removing them. Then rotate the straw 1/4 and repeat from the beginning. At the end of your last removing you should have stapled and removed 4-5 times. With quite a bit of visible holes. If the straw ripped, try again. If the straw continually rips, buy some higher quality ones. If that doesn't help be more careful when you are removing the staples.

Be careful when you are stapling. Blood=bad. Bring all necessary fingers with you to the hospital.

Step 2: Finishing Up

When all of the staples have been removed you can use it as an aerator for your tank as it is. Or, for more variation in bubble size you can put a single staple (not to be removed) horizontally (going the same was as the straw) in the middle of all the holes (see photo). I do this because it allows for better bubbles, but you don't have to. The aerator is now ready to use. Just blow lightly on the end with no holes while the end with holes is in the water every day for about 2-3 minutes (more in the first few days of sea-monkey life) and you'll have thriving sea-monkeys!

A note: when you are done aerating your tank blow out the straw to make sure there are no sea-monkeys stuck to it. That would be sad. *sad face*