Introduction: Cheap and Effective Sanitizer

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After cooking in the kitchen, I want to clean everything up and make sure to kill any remaining germs, but I'm not too keen on using bleach. Instead, you can use a couple of other items you may already have in your house that are very effective against germs.

Step 1: Secret Ingredients

The two ingredients are white vinegar and 3% hydrogen peroxide. These are both cheap and available at the supermarket. When sprayed one after the other they are remarkably effective against germs such as Salmonella, Shigella, and E. coli. In addition to cleaning up after cooking, you can also use this combination to clean germs off of fruit and vegetables you're planning to eat.

How to disinfect your salad

Step 2: Two Bottle System

The key to this system is that the two ingredients are in separate bottles and one sprayed after the other. Again, the order does not matter.

What also matters is that the hydrogen peroxide is in an opaque bottle and kept in a cool area when not in use. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down in light which is why it is sold in brown bottles.

An opaque spray bottle isn't the easiest thing to get, but I found out that the spray tops to my spray bottles fit the hydrogen peroxide bottle perfectly. With a quick swap, I now had a hydrogen peroxide sprayer.

Step 3: Doing the Two Step

My process for cleaning is simple:
  1. Get spray bottles out from under sink (cool, dark place)
  2. Spray one bottle on all areas where it needs it
  3. Spray the other bottle
  4. Put the bottles back under the sink
  5. Wipe up with a sponge
And that's it. Lots of germs go away. Or, that's almost it. One last thing to be aware of before you try this. I'll even put it in bold.

White vinegar is an acid so do not spray it on anything for which this would be a problem so look it up first. For example, granite, marble, and grout need neutral cleaners so do NOT use this on them.

OK, that's it!