Introduction: Cheap DIY Multirotor Landing Gear

Another small project of mine a super cheap and super easy to make 3D printed or not its up to you just tell me what you think of my project

So lets start... frame compatibility first of all i designed this for a DJI F450 frame but looking at the common 450 frames it should fit with a little drilling on your frames base plate. Or if you want clean mount on your Quadcopter redesign my 123D file and make it fit your frame

Which one is better original DJI landing gear or this cheap thingy

I would say this DIY landing gear because compared to the plastic landing gears this is a lot cheaper and probably stiffer and since in the original landing gear there are 4 legs and if one is down technically you need to replace all 4 which is quite expensive wherein in this design you can bend it back or replace the aluminum stands which is the green one on the model in the same time it is the easiest one to fabricate. looking at the life span of the landing gear based on experience my dji landing gear only lasted 2 days wherein mine is already at its 2nd day but its not yet broken :D

How Heavy??

big surprise its just 75grams! compared to the DJI landing gears 60g exact

so thats pretty nice

Want to build a cheap and super stable Quadcopter with out those expensive flight controllers?-->

What you need

1x 2 meter 1.5cm x 1.1cm aluminum U bar I got mine from a junk shop worth 30php which is equivalent to 0.674 US Dollar

16x M3 bolts and lock nuts 64php or 1.44$ (or just use Rivets)

Epoxy or preferred glue




Drill press/cordless drill

Screw driver

USE the 123D as a guide for your measurements and assembly

Step 1: Cutting Your U Bars

So now time to do some cutting or printing

and by following the 123D template you can easily make a landing gear

use your own metal working skills to build the following enjoy :D take your time or else your landing gear will look like mine hehehehe

Step 2: 1st Part Assembly

lets start from the lowest part assembling the base

"glue the center bar at the middle" to set everything in place

Step 3: 2nd Step

at this point make sure you are working on a flat surface for this will give you more ease in mounting your stand on the base bars anyways glue the 4 stands properly take note of the alignment of the holes and rivet your pieces but I used M3 screws and lock nuts since i dont have rivets.

Then going on...

Step 4: 3rd Step

While mounting the upper bars you will see some slight bending on the stands but no worries its because that will serve as the shock absorber when at breaking point that is part thas going to snap in the same time the easiest to replace

Step 5: 4th Step (last)

place your quadcopter on top of your landing gear and align it properly once done using the given hole on the base plate of the frame use it as a guide to make new holes for the upper bars of the landing gear after drilling some new holes get your rivet or screw and lock it nice and tight "Do not use normal nuts if your are going to use screws because they tend to loosen up because of the vibration when the quadcopter is running" USE lock nuts!


Feel free to comment or share your ideas to make it universal to all frames tnx :D

Step 7: Crash Report

did some flips did it wrong 2 times and heres how it looks like when it crashes really hard

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